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another attempt.

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Geregistreerd op: 26-5-2004
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BerichtGeplaatst: Di Apr 26, 2005 11:02 am    Onderwerp: another attempt. Reageer met quote

You enter the Great House of your small village on the border of the ancient woods, You are weary from the hunt and you and youre party of brave warriors are looking for a warm meal and a strong drink. The hunt went even further into the Mountains of Naucanor, and deeper into the woods. And still it was hard to find good game. The winter has not even set in and most animals are already gone.
As you sit down your eye gets drawn to a group of strangers.
There in the corner, near the fire. The place wich is normally reserved for the elders sit three young women in brown travellers clothing. The're accompanied by three slim but strong looking men. All are tall and have skin like the white rocks high in the mountains. Their long blond hair flows like a spring stream, and the men are shaven smoothly like the faces of young boys. As they catch you starring at them they look at you, and the cold blue eyes seems te look right through you, as it seems to get cold, and silent in the normally festive hall where laughs echo and converstations ring. They look away from you and starting whispering slowly amongst each other.
You and your friends find a place to sit and drink and eat and laugh.
Loudly the conversation about the game, you hear almost every night continues, will you keep catching yourself glancing at one of the young women, sitting next to the warm fire with a red glow on her white cheeks.
I have seen things you people wouldn't believe, I've seen bots on fire of the edge of the interwebs...
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