Looking for players

Als je op zoek bent naar een groep, spelers of een GM in de omgeving van Rotterdam.
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Looking for players

Bericht door guver »

Hey everyone. I just arrived to the Netherlands, specifically> Rotterdam and I'm happy to have found this forum. I hope it is still active!
I'm a DM/GM and has been so since age 19, so that would make 18 years now.
I'm most of the time the Master, but I sometimes like to play as well. (A rest is well deserved).
We have a constant group of players for the last 14 years (We could say we are family now), we played all type of campaign and game systems, and we are always looking for something new.
Sadly, they are left behind in Argentina and we are meeting online (mind the time difference) but I'm also looking to start something up locally as well.
I've mastered and played many things:
Warhammer Fantasy 2E.
Warhammer Fantasy 3E.
D&D 3e.
D&D 3.5e.
D&D 4e
D&D 5e
Pathfinder 1e
Star Wars FFG Version
Lord of the Ring (The red book)
The One Ring
My Little Pony (Just for my kids :P)

Name: Gustavo
Age: 37
Place of residence: Rotterdam Centrum
Games: too many to mention
Type of game: If it's a Roleplaying game, it is good :)
Days: Afternoons or Weekends (Prefer afternoons to leave weekend free)
other info: 3-4 players prefered. I like mastering long campaign, but we can do shorter adventures, or one-offs depending on the commitment of the players.
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Re: Looking for players

Bericht door Vincere »

Welcome Gustavo!

We're mostly a small group of friends hanging around this place for old times' sake:). We've actually been offline for over a year, and have only recently managed to reboot the forum. In the mean time I guess we've lost some traction, but hey... it doesn't hurt to try. At least the old time charm of a forum means that posts stay visible for a long time, and in the past we've had people succesfully approach older LFP threads and get in touch with the DMs.

Personally I haven't played in ages due to time constraints, so I'll have to take a pass, but good to see you're still enjoying it. My kids will be old enough in the near future to host my own little group as well. :)

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Re: Looking for players

Bericht door v1nce »

+1 To all Vincere wrote. I think it might be a great strategy to post a link to your/this "looking for players" post in appropriate FB groups, subReddits or expat resources focusing on people in Rotterdam.

That way you have all the benefits of a dedicated forum yet cast as wide a net as possible in terms of your potential pool of players.

Lastly, as a Forever GM myself, I have found that making a small hurdle/hoop for people to jump through is an excellent self-selector. By that I mean: if people are not willing to click a link to a forum and possible sign up for that forum in order to join your group, those are generally not the type of people that you want in your group as players anyway and are not as likely as some others to stick around. Soooo many people in 2020, more than ever in history of D&D, say they want! to really start RPG-ing (again) but in practice those that actually will put in the necessary effort to make it happen and show up consistently for longer and are pleasant to play with are a small sub-set of the former. In that sense reaching a lot of people and being able to be selective is a very good thing that will save you a lot of energy, hassle and time pretty quickly.
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Re: Looking for players

Bericht door richard leeuw »

he hi gustavo!,
I'm in the market for a new group since my last group fell apart because it became harder for everyone to commit time. are you still looking for players?
greetings Richard
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