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Mooie DnD Ervaring / Verhaal

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"one of my players is playing this daemon thing (he looks like a human though) that is thousands of years old. He has lived through more lifetimes than you or I could even comprehend. Well (the characters name is Seriat) he somehow comes into contact with the party and starts adventuring with them. Seriat is Lawful Evil and the only reason he is adventuring with the party is because he wants to regain a kingdom that he has lost. Well, eventually after months of real time adventures he finally gets control over a very large town. He's very close to claiming the throne from the Big Bad Evil Guy and finally having his kingdom again completing a really cool character ark.

So, after a few more weeks controlling this town things are starting to fall apart on him. The BBEG is laying siege on his town and the revolt that a few of the other part members are apart of has gone into hiding. So I have the BBEG request an audience with Seriat which I as the DM knew he would accept because it's part of his character and stuff.

So the BBEG comes to Seriat and makes him an offer. He basically says that if he rats out the rest of the party then he will give him holdings in the kingdom and since he doesn't have an heir that he bestow that upon him. All he has to do is wait for him to die and the kingdom is his. Their is no in character reason for him to turn him down at this point. He has done it, he has essentially become the king.

Well to my surprise Seriat looks up and says "NO! I will not sell them out. They are my friends and I could never do that to them."

Now I as the DM was legitimately baffled by this because like I said their is no reason for him to turn this down.

So the BBEG (he knows he's a daemon) says "What do you mean you cant sell out you're friends. You are a being of immeasurable age, you have seen things I have only ever dreamed of, You were the Magi of the Gilded Palace, You have know Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people...How many friends have you had?"

Then Seriat stares blankly at the BBEG for a second, smiles as if remembering fondly and says..."Six"

Everyone of our jaws hit the floor and we just started at him blankly. This entire time we though he was just this bad ass daemon thing. Everyone at the table was expecting him to sell them out. Then he came up with this AMAZING in character reason why his character would never do that. It was easily the best moment of the campaign and I still get goose bumps thinking about it. It was like the moment watching the Grinch's heart grow three times as big. That's the only way I can describe it."
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