Meet Rubaz, Fledgeling Dungeon Master from Overschie

Nieuwkomers kunnen zich hier voorstellen, mededelingen over het forum vanaf nu ook hier te vinden.

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Meet Rubaz, Fledgeling Dungeon Master from Overschie

Bericht door rubaz »

A musty old tavern in the evening hours, a fire burns in the hearth and a slow tune dances in the air.
The lantern-lit room holds the usual assortment of creatures, some sitting at the scattered round tables with cheap wooden chairs scattered about to your left.
Others conspire in the section to your right where rectangular tables are flanked by benches, each set against the hewn stone wall, warded off from each other by wooden panels that rise above the occupants.

You sigh, having seen it all before. Just your average watering hole..
To complete the cliché‎, a bearded man in travel garb beckons you over to where he sits in a comfortable chair near the fire ahead.
A worn leather backpack lies resting at his feet holding a small library worth of books.
You strain your eyes to read some of the titles. "Dungeon Master's Guide, Fourth Edition" and "Eberron Campaign Guide".
Good to see you have found your way here.
My name is.. Well.. Just call me Rubaz, ok?
I am new to these parts and find myself in need of a handful seasoned Adventurers.
Now I can't go on and ask for help without you knowing what you are getting into, Aye?
There in lies the problem, I do not know myself where I am heading, just that I must.
Perhaps it is a form of wanderlust or a desire to witness great things, time will tell.

Why am I speaking this odd language, you ask? Well, we each have our preferences, no?
As I said, I am looking for a group of adventurers, I have little experience but am eager to learn.

But hear me ramble on. Forgive me.
Please, introduce yourself.
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Bericht door Neanie »

Nice intro. Welkom to the forum. It is that I have very limited time and dnd(especially 4th) isn't my thing, you had me considering it for a moment :)
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