De Lijkepikkers / Graverobber Gaming Group, The Hague

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De Lijkepikkers / Graverobber Gaming Group, The Hague

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EDIT We spelen nu gewoon in Nederlands!
This little overview is in english, since once upon a time two of our members spoke it.

Name of group: De Lijkepikkers
GM: Vincent though Tim sometimes takes over.
Members: Tim, David, Ruud, Vincent.

Session frequency: Once every two weeks or more, everyone assumes we play every week and factors that into their lives but sometimes we skip a session to get some new inspiration and creativity going.

Day of play: has changed once but at present it is Monday evening from 19:00 (we start play at 19:30 sharp) and we play for 3 to 4.5 hours usually. It is not likely to ever become a weekend day or night because usually the members have stuff to do on the weekends or go out to get a few drinks, see bands and have a few Fussball games together! :)

System: DnD 2nd edition with few rules and lots of flow is the idea.

Location: The Hague in a house in the vincinity of Zoutmanstraat gaming store.

Playing since: ? November? 2008

The current group has played for some months but Tim and Vincent have been RPG ing on and off together for about 5 years.

Description gaming group/style of play and more:

Some of the members are very hardcore in that despite having really busy lives with very hard studies or jobs they make time to show up every week! Most unusual and valuable! GM occasionally needs a respite to recharge (creative) batteries.

We seem to get along very well now, people are laid back and see it as an opportunity to relax and socialize as well as game. :)
The style of play we are shooting for is trying to attain the maximum suspension of disbelief, ROLEPLAYING, succinct but nice description, immersion, lots of laughs and flow with as little munchkinism, WOW mechanics and other detrimental influences as possible. In practice not all of the members of the group have lots of experience so we are all still working on all this. Generally though almost every session is good fun.

The campaign world is Tolkien esque, not very high fantasy or high magic. Our group is primarily based around Waterdeep though the campaign has many homebrew elements.

As of yet our PCs are a boisterous and garrulous thief, an unusual destitute wandering ranger whose noble family has fallen into poverty, a young mage. Previous PCs were: a Nature loving Armadillo owning Female half even Druid, a fallen Paladin turned fighter that loves combat and until recently a womanizing, dandy, non typical elven mage with a penchant for non elven behavior. Also we had a wandering, exiled diviner at first.
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cool description, I thorougly enjoyed playing with your group, although it was only for one session! It loopks like you and cali finally got the stable group you've been searching for quite some time. I hope you'll be able to continue this group for a long time to come!
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Update: De groep is veranderd en we spelen in NL nu.

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This group is on an indefinite Hiatus. We had a fairly high number player turn around. Motivation, available playing time and quality of the game/group seemed to decrease over time somewhat so we decided to pull the plug few months ago. May revive it at some point. For now Cali and I have made a new start with new group: Knights of Voorburg/The West.
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